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Pl. translate in english.16/05/2012

16 May 2012 10:42PM Ignore  

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1. Dekho kamare mai pankha khali chal raha hai, bijali ke bill ki to kisi ko chinta bhi nahi hai or bed par charo taraf books pari huee hai,maine kitani bar kaha hai ki padane ke baad saari books safal kar rakha karo or pankha band kiya karo.
2. Cycle deevar kai saath kadi hai isase deevar par nishan pada jayege.
3. Do bachche aapas mai kahate hai ki mere saath chipak kar mat soya karo, garmi lag rahi hai Thoda door hatkar so jao.
4. mama mujhe kapade pahana do or mujhe sula bhi do.

21 May 2012 09:47PM Ignore   #1  

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Can anyone translate these sentences? Pl. help me and translate if you can. Thanks

25 May 2012 11:08PM Ignore   #2  

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1) see, fan is unnecessarily on without being utilizing by anybody, nobody cares about electricity bill, and all the books are lying on the bed though i have told many times to collect all the books after reading it and to switch off the fan.
2) cycle is standing beside the wall
3) two childrens are saying not to sleep by sticking with each other, have some distance as it is too hot
4) mama, dress me up and make me sleepy

12 June 2012 08:18AM Ignore   #3  

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“make me sleepy” is not the proper way to write this :).

“get me to sleep” would be a better way.

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