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I need your

17 May 2011 12:28PM Ignore  

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Is there anyone can tell me the meaning of this word:सांगड घालणे

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19 May 2011 05:11AM Ignore   #1  
romio pradhan

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Dear SIr,
Its Marathi not Oriya

09 June 2011 04:27PM Ignore   #2  

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grin :D

12 June 2011 07:43PM Ignore   #3  

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@romio pradhan, awesome reply smile

07 July 2011 08:52PM Ignore   #4  

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Moved to Marathi Forum.

07 July 2011 09:47PM Ignore   #5  

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And one of my Marathi friends says this about its meaning:

“If I am not wrong it usually depends on the context but its meaning is quite similar “to work it out” or in hindi as we say “jugad karna” ..”

No guarantees on its correctness from my side, except the guarantee that he is a native Marathi speaker smile

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