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Plz translate in english

10 May 2012 01:14AM Ignore  
Last Warrior

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agar tu chahta to ye kar sakta tha.
tumhe pata tha main aane wala tha fir bhi tum chale gaye.

10 May 2012 01:40AM Ignore   #1  

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if you wanted you would have done this.
you were already aware that i would come still you went away from here.

10 May 2012 11:39AM Ignore   #2  

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If you had wished, you could do this.

You left despite you knew that i was about to come.

10 May 2012 03:27PM Ignore   #3  

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@both above:
If you had wanted/ Had you wished, you could/would have do/done this.

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