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plz tranlate it to hindi

10 June 2012 08:59PM Ignore  

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i am little confuse in below given sentences, plz translate it to hindi….

1) he is to come.
2) he is about to come.

11 June 2012 01:12AM Ignore   #1  

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he is to come => he is supposed to come (at what time ? not sure)
वह आनेवाला है

he is about to come => he has left for coming (he may arrive at anytime)
वह अभी आनेवाला है

11 June 2012 12:02PM Ignore   #2  

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@ chandan.kumar

he is to come… wrong
he is about to come
वह आनेवाला है

@ Vaani
वह अभी आनेवाला है
he is just about to come.

12 June 2012 01:18PM Ignore   #3  
Keen Linguist

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@ chandan.kumar

What are you trying to say in sentence 1-He is to come- ? This is a strange English sentence that is not used and im not even sure what it means.

Perhaps, : He is coming, or he will be coming.

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