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number - Meaning in Hindi

IPA: nʌmbərHindi: नम्बर


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number - Meaning in Hindi

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Definitions and Meaning of number in English

number noun

  1. a clothing measurement

    नंबर, नम्बर, संख्या

    • "a number 13 shoe"
  2. a concept of quantity involving zero and units

    संख्या, ...

    • "every number has a unique position in the sequence"
  3. a select company of people

    • "I hope to become one of their number before I die"
  4. a short performance that is part of a longer program

    act, act, bit, bit, routine, turn

    • "he did his act three times every evening"
    • "it was one of the best numbers he ever did"
    • "she had a catchy little routine"
  5. a symbol used to represent a number


    • "he learned to write the numerals before he went to school"
  6. a numbered item in a series

    • "take the number 2 to the main square, then change to the number 5"
  7. one of a series published periodically


    • "she found an old issue of the magazine in her dentist's waiting room"
  8. the number is used in calling a particular telephone

    phone number, telephone number

    • "he has an unlisted number"
  9. a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification and may be attached to accounts, memberships, etc.

    • "she refused to give them her Social Security number"
  10. the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural)

    • "in English the subject and the verb must agree in number"
  11. the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals


    • "the figure was about a thousand"
    • "the number of parameters is small"
  12. an item of clothing

    • "she preferred the black nylon number"
    • "this sweater is an all-wool number"

number verb

  1. place a limit on the number of

    keep down

  2. enumerate

    list, list, list

    • "We must number the names of the great mathematicians"
  3. determine the number or amount of

    count, count, enumerate, numerate

    • "Can you count the books on your shelf?"
    • "Count your change"
  4. give numbers to
    • "You should number the pages of the thesis"
  5. add up in number or quantity

    add up, amount, come, total

    • "The bill came to $2,000"
    • "The bills amounted to $2,000"
  6. put into a group

    count, count

    • "The academy counts several Nobel Prize winners among its members"
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A number is a mathematical object used to count, measure, and label. The original examples are the natural numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth. Numbers can be represented in language with number words. More universally, individual numbers can be represented by symbols, called numerals; for example, "5" is a numeral that represents the number five. As only a relatively small number of symbols can be memorized, basic numerals are commonly organized in a numeral system, which is an organized way to represent any number. The most common numeral system is the Hindu–Arabic numeral system, which allows for the representation of any number using a combination of ten fundamental numeric symbols, called digits. In addition to their use in counting and measuring, numerals are often used for labels, for ordering, and for codes. In common usage, a numeral is not clearly distinguished from the number that it represents.

संख्याएँ वे गणितीय वस्तुएँ हैं जिनका उपयोग मापने, गिनने और नामकरण करने के लिए किया जाता है। १, २, ३, ४ आदि प्राकृतिक संख्याएँ इसकी सबसे मूलभूत उदाहरण हैं। इसके अलावा वास्तविक संख्याएँ और अन्य प्रकार की संख्याएँ भी आधुनिक विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी में प्रयुक्त होतीं हैं। संख्याएँ हमारे जीवन के ढर्रे को निर्धरित करती हैं। केल्विन ने संख्याओं के बारे में कहा है कि आप किसी परिघटना के बारे में कुछ नहीं जानते यदि आप उसे संख्याओं के द्वारा अभिव्यक्त नहीं कर सकते।

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What is number meaning in Hindi?

The word or phrase number refers to a clothing measurement, or a concept of quantity involving zero and units, or a select company of people, or a short performance that is part of a longer program, or a symbol used to represent a number, or a numbered item in a series, or place a limit on the number of. See number meaning in Hindi, number definition, translation and meaning of number in Hindi. Find number similar words, number synonyms. Learn and practice the pronunciation of number. Find the answer of what is the meaning of number in Hindi. देखें number का हिन्दी मतलब, number का मीनिंग, number का हिन्दी अर्थ, number का हिन्दी अनुवाद।

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