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revelation  |  प्रकटीकरण

The Pamban Bridge collapsed with a train full of passengers in it. Until then, I had only seen the beauty of the sea, now its uncotrollable energy came as a revelation to me. - A P J Abdul Kalam, 'Wings of Fire'

प्रवाश्यांनी भरिल्ले रेलगाडये सयत पम्बन पूल कोसळ्ळो. तो मेरेन, हांवें फकत दर्याची सोबीतकाय पळयल्ली, पूण आतां ताच्या अनियंत्रीत उर्जेचें म्हाका प्रकटीकरण जालें.

emulate  |  अनुकरण

I have throughout my life tried to emulate my father in my own world of science and technology. - A P J Abdul Kalam, 'Wings of Fire'

हांवें म्हजे पुराय जिणेंत, म्हज्या विज्ञान आनी तंत्रगिन्यानाच्या जगांत म्हज्या बापायचें अनुकरण करपाचो यत्न केला. - ए पी जे अब्दुल कलाम, 'विंग्स ऑफ फायर'

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