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self-realisation  |  आत्मसाक्षात्कार

For me, science has always been the path to spiritual enrichment and self-realisation. - A P J Abdul Kalam, 'Wings of Fire'

म्हजे खातीर विज्ञान हो अध्यात्मीक संपन्नताय आनी आत्मसाक्षात्काराचो मार्ग आसा. - ए. पी. जे. अब्दुल कलाम, 'विंग्स ऑफ फायर'

segregation  |  वेगळावणी

On the whole, the small society of Rameswaram was highly stratified and very rigid in terms of segregation of different social groups.

एकंदर रामेश्वरमाचो ल्हान समाज वेगवेगळ्या समाजीक गटांच्या वेगळावणीचे बाबतींत मोट्या प्रमाणांत स्तरीकृत आनी कडक आसा.

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