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portent  |  पूर्वसुचोवणी

The distant rumbling that we heard last night was a portent of the thunderstorm that hit the city this morning.

काल रातीं आमी पयसुल्ल्यान आयकल्लो गडगडाट म्हणल्यार आयज सकाळीं शारांत आयिल्ल्या चक्रीवादळाची पूर्वसुचोवणी आशिल्ली.

ponderous  |  मोटें आनी जड

The fat man was unable to sit and work on the computer, because his ponderous belly prevented him from pushing his chair up to his desk.

लठ्ठ मनीस बसून संगणकाचेर काम करूंक शकलो ना, कारण ताचें मोटें आनी जड पोट ताका ताचें कदेल मेजा लागीं व्हरपाक आडखळ हाडटालें.

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