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French words used in English

Using French words while talking in English is not new. French has been a part of English language for a very long time now. Learn these and add them to your vocabulary.

25 Jul 2021
French words used in English

There are many words that are used in English language whose origin is French. French words in English are mostly in written format. In spoken English, there are very few French words that are used by English speakers. Most of the English words with French roots are morphed, from changing their spellings, to changing their pronunciations. Here are some of the French words and phrases that you have already seen… in English.

Common French words used in English 

Cliche An overused idea or expression.
Debacle Failure
Faux False, imitation or not real.
Genre A kind, type or category.
VoyeurA prying observer.
QueueA line.
ChauffeurA person who driver others.
BouquetA bunch of flowers or an arrangement of flowers.
ArcadeA passageway or sometimes also used for a place where video games are played.
Pavilion A part of the building that is open to the outside.
Cafe A coffeehouse.
Abbey A type of monastery.
DinerA small restaurant.
Bon appetitEnjoy your meal.
Menu A list of food items or dishes.
A la carteAccording to the menu.
Hors d'œuvre Appetizers.
Avant-gardeA very innovative style.
Chic Stylish.
Eau de toiletteA scented liquid applied on the skin.
Petite Small in size.
Cologne Scented water.

French phrases used in English

Bon voyage  Have a good journey.
Deja Vu A feeling that you have experienced before.
Coup d'etat to seize a move or an act.
Faux pas  A social blunder.
Je ne sais quoi A quality that is hard to describe. It literally means “I don’t know what to do”.
Voila There it is!
Carte blanche To have full authority.

French words are used in English because of their beauty and influence over a lot of things like food, places, buildings, architecture, clothes etc. Continue your language learning by exploring more other languages that have inspired you. If you are an English speaker and if you think that French is a difficult language, and if that stops you from learning this language, then you might be wrong. We do use a lot of French in our daily English conversations! Now that you know a few French words, why not learn more?

authority the power or right to give orders

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